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Leeuwarden is the 2018 European Capital of Culture, and it is bursting with things to do. There are events suitable for all ages, so this Frisian city is a real ‘connecting city’. We Frisians are great believers in solidarity, and we have our own word for it; ‘Mienskip’, meaning community.

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Supermarket, snack bar and Hema is a 10-minute walk.

A bus stop is just a 5-minute walk.

Within 20 minutes you are in the heart of Leeuwarden.

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Benefit from our unique ‘key to the city’, which entitles guests to great discounts at over 40 restaurants, shops, museums and activities in Leeuwarden!

Leeuwarden, the bustling heart of Friesland

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14 Oct 2017 till 2 Apr 2018

Mata Hari

How did the daughter of a wealthy hat seller in Leeuwarden become an international myth? And where did her penchant for men in uniform come from?

26 Aug 2017 till 28 Dec 2018

The treasures of Tresoar

What does the world under the study room look like? What is Tresoar's oldest book? What other treasures are still in the catacombs? How does Tresoar organise the approx. 30 kilometers of paper and objects in the depot?

20 Jan 2018 till 29 Dec 2018

Abe Bonnema Experience 2018 – Legacy of an architect

ABE2018 is a unique view and exposition.

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