13 July 2023

Craving some Frisian nature? Leeuwarden city offers more than urban attractions. Here are the top 5 nature locations in Leeuwarden to visit for some greenery.  



Located on the eastern side of Leeuwarden, the Groene Ster is a recreation park perfect for a picnic, to  sun-bathe, to hike and to run. Often busy during holidays and larger than the other areas listed, it has a  beach and annually hosts various festivals on its pristine lawns. The AquaZoo and the golf is also a  stone’s throw away from the park.

Bike routes Leeuwarden


Across the road from the Groene Ster, the Grote Wielen nature reserve consists of several lakes and  grassy plains suitable for swimming, walking and picnicking. The area is pristine in the morning and  evening and generally quiet. The restaurant on the water hosts a marvellous view of the Grote Wielen, and  a perfect stop for a coffee and a meal. This is the perfect place to escape the chaos of the busy streets in  Leeuwarden.


The Froskepôlle is a green oasis close to Camperplaats Leeuwarden that is accessible by a little bridge. It  borders the city and the countryside and exhibits an iconic mill providing running water to the ponds.


The final nature location flaunts Leeuwarden’s ability to provide both the excitement of being in an urban  environment, but also the serenity of a city forest. Close to the city centre, the park runs along the  Northern border of Leeuwarden, where one will find cows running wild and a diverse amounts of nature to

walk through. Enjoy the quiet and relax and unwind. Here one can also find routes to cycle into and (even  beyond) the countryside.

Nature locaties Leeuwarden


One of the quietest parks in Leeuwarden, in Rengerspark one can find a beautiful dog welcoming you at  the entrance of the park and ducks waddling around doing their daily business as you wander along with  them. The trees are thick and stand over calm ponds, pathways winding around to make a lovely little  walking route. Sit and rest a while on the benches, as you let your thoughts wander in the relaxed  atmosphere of the city’s greenest area


Marvel at what the Koperen Tuin has to offer! Located in what was previously a royal garden, the cafe and  restaurant by day lights up to become an event location by night. Located near the centre of Leeuwarden,  the Koperen Tuin welcomes all visitors! More information on the Koperen Tuin.

Hungry? The Koperen Tuin offers high tea, drinks, lunch and dinner arrangements. It also offers special  occasion arrangements, such as on Easter. Love the Koperen Tuin? Organise your marriage ceremony  there!

After some activities in the city and a coffee and food break in the Koperen Tuin, bathe in the sun in the Prinsentuin with the sound of lapping water. The birds are singing, and the children and dogs are playing  happily. For an even quieter atmosphere, avoid the footpaths and sit with a book in the shade of a tree.

The Koperen Tuin is unique as it sits comfortably in the quiet Prinsentuin park. Succulent beverages and  meals can be eaten as you sink into the safe feeling of being surrounded by trees and grass. Aren’t you  already really excited for a visit to the Koperen Tuin? The staff at the beautiful restaurant is already waiting  to serve you the most delicious dishes at this stunning location.


We like to see you with your mobile home by Camperplaats Leeuwarden! If you need help – extra tips please ask.

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