11 July 2022

When spring has sprung, the weather heats up in a flash. Stay sharp, because in no time you're going to feel the sweat drip down your back and the sun beat down on your face. Read the activities in Leeuwarden.


When spring has sprung, the weather heats up in a flash. Stay sharp, because in no time you’re going to  feel the sweat drip down your back and the sun beat down on your face. Look no further than this blog,  water activities in Leeuwarden are the cure for warm weather.


A relaxing, carefree tour through the canals in the sun? Join friends and family on a scenic, self-guided  route around the historical city of Leeuwarden. Whether it’s a family trip or a couple of beers with some  friends, the Bonkevaart boats tours are possible for anyone.

Reserve your boat online. Collect the  boat from one of the pick-up locations. You can hire without a license and bring your own food and  drinks as you relax and discover the waterways of Leeuwarden. It is recommended to reserve early for busy summer days.

Bonkevaart boats are 100% green, so no worries about the environment. Furthermore, the price-friendliness will  fill your heart with joy. Interested? Click on the link to find out more!

Bonkevaart boot verhuur


On a beautiful Spring morning in the heart of Leeuwarden, the local city beach opens its doors up to the  public for a day of fun! The Stadsstrand is located in the city’s heart, and you can find a SUP store where  stand-up paddle boards, kayaks and other equipment can be rented.

Not only does it provide the rental of SUP boards, the Stadsstrand also offers drinks and other kinds of  pleasure on the beautiful underrated white beach of Leeuwarden.

Located in the centre of Friesland, Grou is named after the eponymous offshoot of Lake Pik.  The old section of the village is situated on a mound. In earlier days the town was isolated,  but now it is known as the water sports capital of Friesland. In addition to the water sports, the  centre hosts cozy old-school shop and a variety of enjoyable restaurants with nice terraces at  the waterfront. If you want a boat rental, take a look at VisitGrou for rental opportunities!In de summer you can rent sup board by the neighbors from Camperplaats Leeuwarden. For more info; Let’s SUP.

Let's sup

Water activities in and around Leeuwarden are brilliant in the right seasons, with a multitude  of water sports on offer. Whether you like a slow and relaxed kayak through the canals or a  more intense sport like sailing, Friesland holds some wonderous gems for you. See you soon by Camperplaats Leeuwarden with your mobilehome!

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