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2 June 2019

The year of the cultural capital, 2018, may have passed, but the Dutch city of Leeuwarden is still a must-visit in our eyes! It is the beating heart of Friesland, which Lonely Planet declared to be third place of the Best in Europe. Now that the weather is slowly improving, it is time to start planning a trip to Leeuwarden. We’ll share the best activities for 2019 right here, so all you have to do is visit!

#1 The Eric van Hove Exhibition

Fenduq, the exhibition by Eric van Hove, is truly one of a kind. Materials from across the globe come together in traditionally reproduced engine blocks, entirely handmade. The exhibition isn’t only focused on these engine blocks, but also encourages food for thought regarding industrialization. The exhibition is named after his studio, a combination of “fenn” (the Arabic word for art) and “funduq” (temporary trading posts for itinerant caravans). His studio attracts artisans, artists, economists and others to collaborate together, providing room not only for creation, but also for good conversations. This is great to see, to realise that the motor of your motorhome is a sight to behold! The exhibition is available until January 2020 in the Fries Museum.

#2 Bildtstar and Eigenheimers

The Bildtstar and Eigenheimers photo project consists of ten giant portrait photos focused on local potato farmers, along the Wadden coast of Northeast Friesland. These portraits will remain on the walls and sheds of the landscape for the next five years, so no need to rush! This provides the potato farmers and their families an actual face, making them real people. The best way to learn and see the life of Northern Friesland. How do they work on their land? What is their culture and life like? This experience route takes you through the exhibition, and through stunning rural nature at the same time. The best time to enjoy this experience would be Spring and early Summer, to witness the crops slowly growing. You can download the route through this app.

#3 Visit the Doarpstún (Village Garden)

During your trip to Leeuwarden, be sure to make a trip to Doarpstún. This communal organic garden encompasses vegetables, flowers and more, with theatre experience to top it all off. To the inhabitants of Snakkerburen, Lekkum and Miedum it is a true paradise – and to everyone else as well! Peek in at the volunteers in the garden, buy fresh products in the shop and settle down in the cafe. It is also a great way to start learning Liwadders – the language of Leeuwarden!

#4 Discover Leeuwarden – for the kids

The best way to discover Leeuwarden is to join a walking tour by A Guide to Leeuwarden. These guides organise Free Tours, where you only have to pay in the end what you thought the tour was worth. For this reason, their guides work 3 times as hard to make sure you’re having a good tour. Every Saturday at 12 PM there is a Free Tour in English.

Leeuwarden is also a great destination for young ones. Bingo in the streets, searching for bugs in the Prinsentuin (Prince Garden) and listening to the amazing sounds of this city. With ‘Discover Leeuwarden’ children from ages 6 to 12 can get to know this great city in a unique and interactive way. In the nature museum Fryslân, you go on adventure in nature. It’s really great for kids! Visit en enjoy; Nature museum.

#5 Fries Street Festival

Every May, the wonderful Fries Street Festival takes place. The streets will be filled with acrobats performing crazy stunts, local and international artists performing music, dance and more. The city center is transformed into one big stage for the festival, and everything can be visited for free!

There is always something happening in Friesland and Leeuwarden, they truly never stand still. There is a variety of activities on offer weekly, and you can find an overview of these on the Visit Leeuwarden website.

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